May 2009 – Revisited

May has been a very interesting month indeed. Not only has it been an extremely busy month for Little Miss Sha, it was also filled with note-worthy points of information. Let's begin shall we? 1. Nature Walks FP, myself and some friends went for nature walks. In the first week, it was just FP Read more [...]

Swine Flu Brings Out Swines

[rant] Wow. I realise that I haven't ranted at all on this lovely domain of mine. Such a sparse difference from my.. other domain where I used to lash out at topics bothering me. Hoho. Well, there's always a catalyst to everything and of all things - Swine Flu, or should I be politically correct Read more [...]

Classic Caesar Salad

Just felt like posting this photo up. This was something I had as a side for dinner last night: Classic Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon, and it was served in a supposedly home made cheese (cracker) bowl. Of course I ordered it because of the salmon. I've only had raw salmon so smoked was Read more [...]

iTouch and Go

I am sure by now most of you have heard about the miracle of the century involving my beloved itouch. Well, perhaps you've heard gists of it because I didn't go into great detail in Facebook, Twitter or MSN. So let's get down to it. You must be dying to know what exactly happened, you stalker. On Read more [...]

50 Weeks of Her – Week 8

This was done almost a month ago, but I only have time to talk about it now. Sigh Sigh. If you had noticed, I haven't been posting anything on the project for quite some time. This is because FP and I are taking a break from the project - due to other timely commitments. Also, right in the middle Read more [...]

Who Says Techy Can’t be Girly?

The latest gadget I've purchased for myself is an external hard drive. I've been wanting to get either an external hard drive or a thumb drive because (you know), they come useful at times. So while I was in a dire need to get new pairs of shoes, (but due to my incredible fussy powers, my search Read more [...]

My Sunday in Pictures

I had quite a great Sunday. And because there are too many focal points, and I am really too tired, let's do this post in pictures (with minimal words for explanations). It's going to be one long crazy week, so might as well start it off with happy, simple things. :) This is the best chocolate Read more [...]

Panic at the Office

I had a panic attack today. I've felt overwhelmed before but it would normally be chased away by my sheer determination to get things done. I've felt stressed up before, but not entirely like just now. It was like for about 15 minutes (I kept my eye on the time), my mind went completely blank, Read more [...]

Sha and her Spicy Wings

I'm pretty sick right now with flu and everything that comes with flu. :( But I will still complete this post because this was meant to be typed and published a few days back. So to even out the momentum, I shall keep typing until this post is finished and then I can concuss till the break of day. (And Read more [...]

Pretty Fun Cupcakes

Like I've mentioned in several blog posts ago, I have been dabbling in baking for the past month. However, nothing ever seemed to work out to perfection (unlike FP's birthday cake), in taste and aesthetics so I've never flaunted any of those experiments anywhere. Today, I tried baking cupcakes Read more [...]

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