May 2009 – Revisited

May has been a very interesting month indeed. Not only has it been an extremely busy month for Little Miss Sha, it was also filled with note-worthy points of information.

Let’s begin shall we?

1. Nature Walks

FP, myself and some friends went for nature walks. In the first week, it was just FP and myself. It was really nice to just be surrounded by nature. Although the plan was to jog, that very first week we just walked (mainly because I am clearly unfit to jog). I found it very interesting to be walking through nature and reading all the signboards and signs explaining to me about the trees I was passing.

Sure I was so very paranoid about bumping into snakes, but that was part of the fun I guess. It was kind of romantic to be going for nature walks with FP, hehehe.

Plus we saw monkeys and squirrels, which is certainly always an interesting point considering what happened the following week when we went with some friends.

Front row seats to a ‘Live’ show of National Geographic and Discovery Channel :P

Weird MushroomSome kind of weird mushroom that we saw, on both weeks.

2. Crazy Buffalo Wings

May was also the month whereby tongues got scorched and tears appeared during meal times. Crazy but true. This of course resulted in blackmail worthy photos and videos, hohoho!

That reminds me: The CLASSIC video of Kawan E having Level 4 Wings has still not been released to the World Wide Web! *looks knowingly at FP*

So anyway, we started with Level 3 Buffalo Wings before moving on to Level 4 the following week.

Level 4 literally ate my brain cells. I think the spiciness really ate my brain cells because I was too numb to do anything after that. Now you’d know why if my bimbo moments are happening increasingly. At least I have an excuse now.

level-3-wingsLevel 3 Spicy Wings

3. iTouch Went Missing


This is too new for you to have forgotten. Nuff said.

3. Taxi Accident

I was involved in a taxi accident earlier in the month. No, I didn’t get hit by a lorry. I was in a cab on the way to meet Syaz after work. Took a cab from Ikea and basically to get to my destination, the cab had to make a U-turn. Sound simple enough?

Well apparently not. Halfway through the turn, somehow or rather – there was a little crash between the cab and a motorcycle. To make matters worse, the motorcyclist was a Gangsterique (lol) Looking Mat. And boy was he not friendly.

I didn’t know what to do because it all seemed so exciting so I stayed (and even provided a statement later, much to FP’s disapproval).

As I waited in the cab and watched the going-ons around me, the shock wore off and I found it funny all of a sudden. The Gangterique Mat wasn’t injured (much). He kept holding on to his shoulder, and kept banging the window while the cab driver spoke to me.

Much later, an ambulance appeared, and get this – he climbed into the side door of the ambulance by himself! Not the usual case of “stretcher and badly injured motorcylist being carried oh-so-gently to the back of the ambulance”.

Funny? Hilarious.

Policeman and Driver Cab Driver & Traffic Police

6. The Most Amazing Chocolate Ice Cream EVER

There will only be one, just ONE chocolate ice cream from now onwards. Understood?

Hmm, I think I am craving for it *HINT*

Awfully Chocolate Ice Cream

Exclusively at Awfully Chocolate :)

7. Hard Work Never Killed Us

Work? Work was really crazy this month, especially in the last two weeks. But it’s all worth it. The new site has been launched, after months and months of sheer hard work.

What do you think of the new site? :D

Do go explore the new features and interface if you haven’t already!


8. Gossip Girl, xoxo

I started watching Gossip Girl and am hooked to it! Thanks GGR for introducing me to this wonderful show about the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s Elite. :P

What is not to like? We are surrounded by gossip everyday – be it celeb gossip or other wise. This is just a peek into the other side of the story.

Verdict: Very juicy and very intriguing indeed.

I am on to the second season now. What are you still waiting for? :P


May has been quite a handful month. Glad it’s over and done with. I wonder what June may bring?

Only time will tell. Stay tuned!

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