Going Away in Ramadhan

Later on today, I will be making my third trip down to Jakarta.

While I truly look forward to flying from Changi Airport Terminal 3 for the first time, (don’t you know, I am Changi Airport’s biggest fan?), I feel sad about leaving this time.

It is the fasting month after all. Whatever it is, emotions will be raw.

It has so far been a fasting month of many firsts this year. I’ve been alone for most of the fasting month. I broke fast all by myself for the first time ever and it wasn’t a heartwarming feeling. This morning, I had my sahur all alone while watching Disney Channel. It was my first time having sahur in solitude.

Really sad stuff when you think about it.

And now this. I’ve never had to fast while traveling. That said, I have never been away during the fasting month. When you think of my solitude this Ramadhan, this going away certainly pushes my isolation to the next level. No doubt that this will add on to the experiences that will make me stronger but it’s also something that will push me out of my comfort zone entirely.

Of course sahur will be provided by the hotel – an experience that I am actually quite looking forward to try out because I’ve never heard of such a service, very interesting indeed.

Also how can I forget I actually have some special people (hello, girls!) who look forward to seeing me. It’s a nice feeling to be wanted, hehe. That is of course beside the fact that I have people to interview, people to review and projects to discuss. So in actual fact, I won’t really be alone all that much.

So I should be okay right?

I should just take this experience with a grain of salt and an open mind. I survived Banda Aceh at Hari Raya. I can do this.

So I’ll blog when I get back, hopefully with nice photos.


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