Beyond a quarter of a century

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In less than two hours time, I will be saying goodbye to being 25 and say hello to becoming a 26 year old girl. woman. person.

I’m not sure why I am always so pensive on the eve of my birthday. A very good friend of mine once told me that birthdays are not for celebrating. She told me that a birthday is actually the most sacred of days. As your birthday draws closer, your soul becomes too vulnerable and in this time period, anything can happen.

At some point of time, your soul will become so vulnerable that there is a thin line between life and death.

Such is the seriousness of having birthdays, which makes me wonder in what way birthdays are supposed to be happy and joyous occassions?

And turning 26 has gotten me quite frenzied for a number of silly reasons.

1) it is a little over a quarter, making me 1/4 ancient
2) I don’t like even numbers. This is highly ironic because it’s normally when my age is an even number that my life seems better. Hmm.
3) I’m just emo and reflective for no reason at all

This doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to my birthday and all the hush hush plans ;)

There is a reason why I take leave from work on my birthday every year. It may seem egotistical but hey, if I don’t love myself enough to do that, nobody will. To me, my birthday is always special because it is MY day and the begininning of my wonderful existence.

(yes my fans, I am indeed my biggest fan :P )

So to carry on with my explanation. So in my head since I was young (younger, I mean), my birthday has always been a sort of a personal holiday for me. I would look forward to it from the beginning of the year. A

And then start counting down to it a month before the actual date. It’s crazy, but true.

And don’t let me get started on birthday week and birthday month. I have it written somewhere, in an invisible clause that things should always go my way during my birthday month, and especially my birhday week.

If I could, I would have wanted a birthday year, but that would just be silly, won’t it? :P

But as I grew older (an wiser, hopefully), I have shortlisted it down to birthday week. Thank God I have a bf who indulges in my every whim and fancy – not that I abuse it :P

So as the clock strikes 12 later (though I was technically born at 11 am sharp!), I will look back to my year as a 25 year old and be happy with how much I’ve grown and to appreciate everything I have. And once I’ve done that, I can look forward to an even-year of 26.

The little girl who wanted to be a princess is always a princess. Bring it on :)

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