Tribute for my Oakleys Frogskin Shades


This shouldn’t even be a blog post because what happened to my Oakleys shouldn’t have happened.

But it did and there was nothing I can do about it. So let me tell you exactly what happened.

I was chewing gum, bored in the middle of a long road trip to Kuala Lumpur. Chewed on the gum till there was no taste so I asked FP for a tissue paper for me to throw the gum away. (this was despite me having tissue in the back and in the pockets of the the right passenger door, but when things are meant to happened, they just will.)


He told me to just spit it out the window, because that was what he did anyway.

(no, i don’t normally spit out the window, which was precisely why I asked for a tissue paper!)

So okay, I did spit out. But because I am an inexperienced spitter, the gum seem to have gone in a weird direction. So in order to ensure it didn’t get stuck to the car, I popped my head out the window.

Silly, silly girl.

My shades were on top of my head. No, actually I was wearing my Paul Frank hoodie (complete with monkey ears) with the hood on, and my shades were placed right on top of it, on my head.

Don’t ask me why I was dressed up like that. I don’t know.


But, as soon as I popped my head out the window, I saw something white flying away from it. It was purplish too. It took me two seconds to realised what just happened. And I suddenly went, “MY SHADES. IT FLEW OUT!”

It stunned everybody in the car but we were getting further and further away from my shades that was getting more and more crushed as we went along. There were too many fast moving cars. It was on the freaking highway. There was NOTHING we could have done. Even if I were to get out, I would have gotten myself killed or injured and still the shades would have been just shattered plastic.

And when the reality of things dawned on me (took another 5 seconds), I just started crying nonstop. I hate to lose my things. I get annoyed even when my things do not work or look like they should. I have an unexplainable emotional binding with all my things. Perhaps the cause of being an only child.

When you are an only child, you become emotionally attached to the things around you. And that was exactly what happened to me.

This pair of Oakleys has so much meaning.

1) It was a gift from FP at the end of 2008
2) It is a limited edition pair.
3) Quirky in purple and white
4) I love it.


This should be a lesson to me not to be so emotionally attached to me. FP tried and tried again to console me in the car. But the tears wont stop, and when it did, I was silent for the rest of the trip.

A round of shopping afterward cheered me up a little but FP wasn’t fooled.

Later that night, FP consoled me again. Again tears came. He told me it is just a “thing” and it’s not important. He told me that things happen for a reason and that he understood what I was feeling. He understood my emotional bind to my belongings, and how I love all my things.

He would get another pair for me. But I told him that it’s not about getting another pair at all. And he said he knows. He gently told me not to think about it anymore, repeating that it is just a “thing” which could be bought again. All I could see was the shades flying away from me. That image remains in my head.

But as heartbreaking as this whole situation is, there was really nothing we could have done. Perhaps things do happen for a reason. Perhaps I was meant to lose it. But hey, it was fun while it lasted.



  • Halimi on Apr 29, 2011

    poor you..
    at least,u got rplcement.
    me try to find this limited frogskins.
    hope success..hehe

  • frogskins on Jan 22, 2010

    Greg Lutzka Edition ??

    I feel so sad for you.. An oakley frogskin lies in its crushed state on the highway…

    found this blog when googling frogskins in singapore.. lol

    I too am a fan of frogskins and started collecting them once again , especially those old vintage ones.. oh what joy they bring me, hope you find another pair to call your own


  • Gallivanter on Jan 14, 2010

    We do get attached to things, I believe it’s human nature, where we our belongings have some sentimental value to it.

    The only stuff that I have sentimental value are my Bon Jovi CDs and they are safely stored in a 6 x 6 vault in Bank Negara! :-P

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