who knew $2 = so much fun?

I think I might have a new hobby. And it involves needle and thread. Given my thread record with sewing projects, it was an amazing wonder that I completed this one at all.

completed fruit tart

I spent the entire day today working on this little gem. Pretty isn’t it? It’s imperfect, as far as I can tell. But to me, it is equivalent to an entire day’s effort. And I don’t care if the stitches are untidy or ugly. They are untidy and ugly because sewing is never my forte. But it will get better with more time and practice.

I love my whip cream lol. It looks awesome. So out of the point, but it’s true! :)

fruit tart packet

I was craving for a creative project. I had been on a dry spell; haven’t done anything close to creative and I was getting worried for myself. I was worried I was getting stupid (lol) because I have this belief that writing and craft works makes you smarter. And since I haven’t been writing either (I know, sad sad!), I knew I was gonna be in deep shit if I didn’t find something worthwhile to do.

So a trip to Daiso last Saturday found me this little packet of happiness. And I only had the time and enthusiasm to start on it today. Was so so excited, lol.

sewing materials

I went to get some materials that I didn’t have (mainly fabric glue, pins and needles) before I started on it. As you can see, the fabrics were already pre-cut for me so it was not exactly rocket science. But still! There were some stitches I had absolutely no idea how to do despite the diagrams within the instructions.

Such as.. french knots and reverse stitching. *lost*

So I consulted Youtube for some advice. Viewed a few demos and thankfully because I am such a visual person, I managed to emulate the methods. My strawberries, which needed french knots are partially powered by youtube. The whipped cream was fully powered by youtube -> reverse stitching here!

cake base with strawberry

This was strawberry number 1. It pissed me off coz it looked weird coz the french knots were all over and i didnt know how to close up the gap after stuffing the cotton it it. Then i re-read the instructions and found out that i had to stitch first then stuff the cotton in.

Oh. Okay.

But the second strawberry took a much lesser time to achieve. Maybe this is what they call practice makes perfect. I’m nowhere near perfection but hey it got better.

And if you see on the dark brown felt, I used a white thread for the overcast stitches (talking like a pro now). It was only when I’ve glued everything nicely that I realized that I should have used the brown thread. There I was wondering why I had a brown thread lying around for the duration of the project.

But anyway, if I didn’t tell you that, you wouldn’t know anyway :)

felt cake base

I spent close to 6 hours working on this project. And as tiring as it was, it was still worth the time. I learned all abt new stitches, which I never knew before. I managed to complete a sewing project (first time ever!) and I now have a pretty fruit pie to look at.

Did I mention that it is also a magnet? It is! I made a magnet today!


I am so easily pleased.

And now, I wanna raid Daiso for more felt food projects. And after I am stabilized, I can try on bigger projects.

But that’s another story. :)

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