I “baked” pretty donuts

felt donuts

My second attempt at felt projects, using pre-cut felt pieces. I’m still on practice mode as far as felt projects go.

This one was pretty simple and took a very short time to complete.

When I saw the sample picture of this project, I thought I had to do plenty of french knots for the “sprinkles” on the colourful donut. But when I opened the package, I found out that those were seed beads. And I had to sew the beads on to the felt. Nice!

I love the donut with sprinkles. Simply because in real life, I would have chosen it rather than the other one because it’s prettier and doesnt have nuts.

The only thing that bothered me abt these donuts is how thin they are. Donuts are supposed to be thick and puffy. These look more like cookies, lol.

But the thing is, everything was pre-cut and there’s only so much cotton i can stuff in.

So perhaps it’s supposed to look like this after all.

Can’t wait to get off these “training wheels” (read: the pre-cut felt project kits) and move on to proper felt projects :)

Gotta start using all those craft books I splurged on, you know?

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