Some of my threadless tees

I have quite a few threadless tees. I was looking through the pics in my phone and realized that I am forever taking pics of the tees I wear. So, here are some of the tees that I have. If photos are not in the best resolution, it's only because it's taken with a phone camera. This one is called Read more [...]

Handwritten movie tickets

These are actually valid movie tickets. Went to watch the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie yesterday (nice show by the way) and we bought our tickets online, because lazy people do not queue for their movie tickets. :P So when I went to collect the tickets, the printer decided to stop working (it Read more [...]

WordPress for Blackberry Bugs

Imagine this. I just got up from a nap (that was induced by drowsy medication) and after fiddling with my blackberry, I thought I'd try out blogging using WordPress for Blackberry. All from the convenience of the bed, while the TV was showing cartoons on Nickelodeon. I've downloaded this app last Read more [...]

the evolution of my strawBerry

Let me finally tell you about my blackberry bold 9000, which has been girly-fied beyond repair. It has become a great conversation starter as well as gotten both dirty and envious looks. And tomorrow marks its 6th month of becoming my personal strawBerry. I can't believe I've had it for 6 months Read more [...]

A simple moment in time

I love this photo. It was taken during an impromptu photoshoot that was set up in the back seat of a car. It was a long drive so while I found myself in a relaxed pose equipped with a book, FP decided to set up his equipment right at the backseat and he just kept snapping photos. I didn't even Read more [...]

A day in KL

Okay this is the final installment of the Malaysian trip trilogy. It was a day trip to KL from Batu Pahat. The drive was not very long, but long enough to make Short Attention Span me bored. Bored enough for me to be wearing my monkey hoodie (with monkey ears) with my first Oakley Frogskin Shades, Read more [...]

an imperfect felt bear

With all the mini felt food projects I've been doing, I was itching to try something else. So I attempted to make a bear. This may sound like just another project if I am a seasoned seamstress. But I'm not. Fact is, I have never sewn a bear in my life and it is precisely because of that, that Read more [...]

My bite of level 30 buffalo wings

This is a plate of half a dozen of level 30 buffalo wings. Which may seem to be just another name of a dish to you, but let me tell you that it isn't. This is super mad spicy chicken, that is almost lethal - I am not exaggerating. You do know of course that I've tried buffalo wings levels 3 Read more [...]

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