A simple moment in time


I love this photo. It was taken during an impromptu photoshoot that was set up in the back seat of a car.

It was a long drive so while I found myself in a relaxed pose equipped with a book, FP decided to set up his equipment right at the backseat and he just kept snapping photos. I didn’t even pose for a single shot, I just minded my own business reading my book.

Perhaps that is precisely the reason why I love this photo. How natural and relaxing it looks. I was curled up in the corner of the backseat, reading trashy chick lit (seriously). I was at my natural relaxed state.

I was at my natural best :D

It is indeed a very serene photo, that speaks volume about personal time and space. And about just being relaxed and unguarded.

Or maybe, just like many other things, I’m just reading too much into the picture. But, a picture is worth a thousand words, no?

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