My bite of level 30 buffalo wings

level 30 buffalo wings

This is a plate of half a dozen of level 30 buffalo wings.

Which may seem to be just another name of a dish to you, but let me tell you that it isn’t. This is super mad spicy chicken, that is almost lethal – I am not exaggerating.

You do know of course that I’ve tried buffalo wings levels 3 and 4 and those were by itself epic experiences already, even for a seasoned chili padi lover like me.

So if levels 3 and 4 were already so torturous (at that time), you can only imagine what level 30 would be like. 10 times the pain. 10 times the spiciness. Talk about torturous eating.

However this time round, when we went there, I only had the level 3 spicy wings (even though I wanted to try level 5 pretty badly). It was the boys who jumped straight to level 30, hohoho!

And how they suffered.

But, it was hard to resist temptation when it is right in front of you. I was curious to know what this coveted level 30 chicken tasted like. I just had to have it. But in an attempt not to kill myself (after seeing the pains the boys are experiencing), I only took one bite.

And this bite, my friends, is enough.

bite of level 30

Sorry for the quality of the photo, but it was pretty dark where we were seated and my hands were quite shaky from wanting to try the damn chicken.

So I finally placed this fairly regular sized bite of level 30 buffalo wings into my mouth and..

Holy shit. It was like having a mini bon fire inside your mouth. The spicy taste of the chicken creeps on to you slowly, and when it finally has you around its dried chili hell, it’s too late for anything. The heat and spiciness totally engulfs you.

Totally, totally. It left me speechless. And I was so close to tears, but I couldn’t cry because compared to what the two guys were going thru (3 whole chicken wings each), my little suffering was close to nothingness.

It is something that I will not try again (and I think everyone who went on this trip will agree with me on this), but I will continue trying the other levels from where I left off. But never level 30 again. One bite is sufficient, thank you very much.

FP got thru the entire ordeal pretty well, just an upset and unstable tummy the next day, but Kawan E’s brother had it real bad :(

But they are both rewarded with certificates of accomplishment! This is FP’s cert, hehehe. We haven’t gotten round to laminating it!

level 30 certificate

Yes we will come back again, but not ever for level 30. I am so looking forward to level 5 though!


  • Chamil on Jul 09, 2011

    Last night i tried level 2,3. It was spicy but not that much for me. But i want to try level 5 as well. I guess thats the best range to taste chicken. lev 5

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