WordPress for Blackberry Bugs

Imagine this.

I just got up from a nap (that was induced by drowsy medication) and after fiddling with my blackberry, I thought I’d try out blogging using WordPress for Blackberry. All from the convenience of the bed, while the TV was showing cartoons on Nickelodeon.

I’ve downloaded this app last week but upon seeing that I couldn’t properly preview photos that I wanted to insert in the post, I closed the app and forgot all about it. But today, because I was sick, I thought I’d just overcome that slight glitch and try this mobile blogging anyway.

So I happily typed and typed on my lovely phone, enjoying the process. I made sure I saved the draft as I went along (oh, this is a habit of mine, even when I blog normally) and even painstakingly opened photo by photo in my blackberry until I found the one i wanted to insert in the post.

And then I proceeded to publish my post, excitement building up.

Then I got this message:

Local Drafts Cannot be Sent

wordpress for blackberry error

Which was weird, because obviously it would still be a draft by default. But I let the issue go, and changed the status to “published” – which already pissed me off because these things are supposed to be automatic.

So I clicked “Submit” again.

wordpress for blackberry status

And the data got sent again, a process which took AGES.

wordpress for blackberry sending data

And when it FINALLY stopped, it showed me this:

wordpress for blackberry prompt


And this made me get out of the comfy, warm bed. My initial intention was to blog about me being sick from the comfort of my bed. But it turned out, the exact same application that was supposed to provide that convenience made me get out of bed, turn on my laptop and blog about the bugs I’ve found in the application.

Ironic, isn’t it?

I hope the developers will look into this issue and fix the crap out of it. Because I easily blogged from my iTouch using the WordPress App and I didn’t even encounter a single problem. Shame on you.

p/s: And no, I am still not switching to iPhone, because I still have my itouch with all my apps.


  • Sha on Apr 28, 2010

    yup, i’ve deleted the app from my blackberry. no point since i cant exactly blog on the go :)

  • eiven on Apr 28, 2010

    I have also experienced the same problem, and there is no answer.

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