Bang Bang Boogie

I’ve been wanting to have bangs for the longest time. In fact, the last time I sported bangs was 7 years back, as seen in the photo below. This has always been one of FP’s favourite photos of me. It is certainly one of mine. I look like a Japanese doll, and some said it looks like a poster of a Japanese horror movie, lol.

So today, I recreated this look. It was hours and hours of pure boredom at the hair stylist’s. I went back to Artica Hair Studios, mainly because I still remember their brilliant and thorough service the last time round. This time, I wasn’t dissappointed. Just that when the girl finally cut my bangs for me, I looked very stunned (because for a whole 5 minutes, I was crying out loud inside: what the hell did I just do?! I LOOK LIKE A COCK!). – sorry “looking like a cock” is a Singaporean term for looking ridiculous. I didn’t mean.. nevermind.

I had that reaction because when she cut it my bangs looked very flat and very fake. And I was almost hyperventilated; because my hair is my crowning jewel. I asked her if she could layer my bangs because it looked too flat, but she says there’s nothing she can do about it and that it will take a few weeks for it to look “natural”. I was still fretting about it as I paid and made my way to the cabstand. I was like.. shit shit shit!

And then in the cab, I caught myself in the rearview mirror and I played with my reflection as I often do and realized that the girl didn’t do a shoddy job after all. I don’t look like a cock. In fact, I look a lot like my younger self – 7 years back! And I look good!

Plus, with this hairstyle, you’d feel playful and cutesy automatically. I think I easily look 10 years younger with this look, hahaha.

So I’m glad I made the decision to have bangs this time round, and I’m glad I went back to Artica for it. The poor girl looks so disappointed as I left (because she spent hours and hours on me, and I had a panicked look as I left, tsk). I feel bad now, because I’m totally loving the look – well till the next time I get sick of my hair of course.

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