Why we accidentally bite our tongue sometimes

Once in awhile, I would accidentally bite my tongue and/or the sides of my mouth. It’s not a conscious act but I swear that it happens. FP normally disregards it saying that nobody ever bites their own tongue, but hey it’s me – I’ve punched myself by accident for God’s sake.

So just now at lunch, it happened again out of nowhere. One moment I was trying to process the conversation that my colleagues were having and in a split second, I bit my tongue really, really hard. Harder than I’ve ever done before. The pain lingered for awhile, almost numbing that bit of my tongue and I just continued eating once it has subsided for a bit.

But 3 hours later, the pain is still there, at the left front part of my tongue. Still stinging, still slightly numb. I can’t figure out why I keep biting my own mouth for no reason at all so I do what any self-respecting geeky girl would do. I Googled it.

And this was what I got:


So this proves 2 things: 1) that I’m not the only one biting the innards of my mouth subconciously and 2) there’s a logical explanation for it.

So there. We learn something new everyday. Now I’m just hoping this sensation goes away soon.

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