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So I finally got myself a new pair of glasses after a week of having my previous pair sliding down my face all the time.

(No, it’s not because I’m lacking a nose bridge. I’ll get to the reason in awhile)

So just for everybody’s reference, this was how my old glasses looked like. This was taken on the rare occasion that I wore it out about a year plus back:

Prior to this pair of glasses, I hated the idea of wearing my glasses out. Somehow I felt that when I wore glasses, I look weird and because of that I strongly believed that people will look at me weird. I don’t know how true that was, but I seriously thought as such.

However, once I got this pair of geeky glasses (my first pair!), it felt alright to wear it out. I’m not too sure if it’s also because by that time, my self confidence has already stabilized overall. But anyways. This pair lasted me for quite awhile at quite the bargain ($80 – with multi-coated lens from Queensway Shopping Centre).

I remember when I was getting it and the guy asked me what I wanted, I told him, “I want geeky glasses” and he understood what I meant. Straightforward, no?

Okay, so fast forward a year later and this was what became of it:

What’s missing? The ear handles of course! It started with the left one being broken (no idea how it happened). So it was still okay to wear the glasses because 1) whatever was left of the left handle, still manages to hand on to my ear and 2) the right handle was still intact.

This went on for a few months, to the amusement of my family. But because they know I’m slightly weird, they let me be.

Then last week, I came home to find that the right handle has also broken off (no idea how it happened too!) and this time, it’s short of a couple of centimeters to still be able to hang on my right ear.

So the aftermath is that most of the time when I’m wearing my glasses, it slides down. Sometimes I forgot and look down and it just dropped to the floor. It was infuriating because I couldn’t possibly wear my contact lenses the entire day till bedtime – that’s just crazy.

So I decided to once and for all end this torment and get a new pair of glasses. I chose a lovely and huge Paul Frank pair (I just want to look extra geeky okay?)

It sure doesn’t cost $80 but I’m sure that the quality is much more sturdy and will be long lasting. Plus I’m not one to pass off the chance to look geeky, am I?

Now I can pass off as a librarian or accountant or a teacher. Or simply a weirdo with huge glasses. Okay maybe an artistic looking weirdo with huge glasses. Anything works for me :P

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