52 Weeks of Her – Weeks 11, 12 & 13

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve updated on this project. It’s not because we haven’t been taking photos, it’s just that I have been procrastinating – which I should really stop doing when it comes to updating this site. So let’s get on to these 3 awesome photos!

Week 11

Click to view this photo in his photostream

This was done more than a about a month or so ago. Doesn’t this just remind you of the memorable Power Rangers’ Morphin Time? (Oh, I’d totally be the pink ranger.) Once again, this is more of an artistic shot rather than a pretty shot. No idea why he doesn’t let me look pretty in photos.

I complained that the blurred version of me could be improved. My hair was messy, I look like a total idiot but FP told me that nobody really cares about the blurred part of the photo. Well I care, but oh well. I guess the focus is really more on the image on the foreground, embedded into the iphone.

The lighting is awesome don’t you think? There’s a bit of a music video feel to it. Pretty cool. Well it has to be cool when I get raving comments from my friends in Facebook when I made it my profile picture for a few weeks!

Week 12

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This was one photoshoot that I really enjoyed. The background is so pretty in some of my favourite colours, it’s really amazing. Yes in this photo, the attention should be given to the background rather than to *cough* me.

He made me shake my head left and right for quite awhile (as compared to up and down for the original hair-o-graphy shoot) while he captured all the “glamourous”, tiny movements. Most turned out okay, but some photos could be used as blackmail.

He chose this shot to be the “official” photo for week 12. On the other hand, I had other ideas of what was the photo of the week:

Doesn’t this just look like a shampoo ad? You can just imagine the tagline, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” somewhere in this photo and it’ll fit perfectly. This was originally his choice for photo of the week but he changed his mind the day after. *mumbles-butilookbetterinthisone – mumbles*

In any case to be fair, the first photo is now the wallpaper of my iphone (yes narcissistic, I know) and the second one is still my facebook profile picture, and was also my twitter’s for a short while)

Week 13

Click to view this photo in his photostream

This must be the first photo in this project in which you can’t “see” me, but it’s still awesome because who can resist a pretty pink gebera? (yes, it’s real!) All I had to do was stand there and hold the flower. For once I didn’t have to worry how I look, haha.

But this is certainly one of our favourite photos so far. There’s a soothing feeling when you look at it, and the colours seem to complement one another really well. I really think that this photo speaks volumes. Plus, it’s a personal preference for me to like things that are white and clean, with a splash of colour. So this really hit the spot.

Till the next time we take photos! :)

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