Street Food in Bali

The one thing about travelling with a food lover is that you'll try many different kinds of food. This time round, I've ventured out of my comfort zone and strayed to trying street food - at the risk of an upset tummy (which did not happen, surprisingly!) So yes, this blog post is all about street Read more [...]

Diptych Fun

So here are 3 sets of photos utilizing the diptych method. Once again, these photos were taken sometime back - probably in December 2010. Unlike our usual photoshoots, these use natural lighting - which I think is awesome. Interesting fact: For the first 2 sets below, which were actually from the Read more [...]

52 Weeks of Her – Week 14

This was taken sometime back (on Halloween last year actually, way long overdue!). It was pretty impromptu this shoot. I came over with a bar of really good dark chocolate for personal indulgence and he took the chance to utilize it into a photo. He made me munch on the dark chocolate so that Read more [...]

Meeting Ketut Liyer in Ubud

Okay. Meeting Ketut Liyer (the medicine man in Eat Pray Love) was not part of the plan. I brought it up when we were planning for the trip as a joke, and just like all my silly ideas (the latest one being "let's visit Ariel Peterpan in jail in Bandung!), this one got brushed aside with a blink of an Read more [...]

Dolphin Watching in Lovina

The main highlight of our Bali trip was heading up to Lovina to watch dolphins at sunrise. It just spells "romantic" doesn't it? So because we were staying at Seminyak (somewhere somewhat south of Bali) and the dolphin watching occurs at sunrise, we had to travel up to Lovina (which is basically northern Read more [...]

Strawberry Picking in Bali

I've finally figured out a way to blog abt my 8 day Bali by trip with FP - to go by event, rather than by day because that will just be confusing (even though i chronicled each day in my travel notebook!) So let's start with strawberry picking. We were on our way to Lovina from Seminyak (practically Read more [...]

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