Diptych Fun

So here are 3 sets of photos utilizing the diptych method. Once again, these photos were taken sometime back – probably in December 2010.

Unlike our usual photoshoots, these use natural lighting – which I think is awesome.

Interesting fact: For the first 2 sets below, which were actually from the same photoshoot, I was running a very high fever (almost 40 degrees celcius!). But like a boss, I pushed myself through it.

Diptych 1

Diptych 2

Don’t you just love my hoodie? It’s the Red Sea! So when I unzip my hoodie, it’s like I’m parting the Red Sea. Get it?

Diptych 3

This photo was taken at a post Christmas lunch at Fish & Co. No connection whatsoever between the two photos unless you want to consider my hunger to be the tying factor.

That’s all for this short post!

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