Ice Cream Making Class at Tom’s Palette

Tom's Palette

A group of us went for an ice cream making class two weekends ago at Tom’s Palette.

It is actually surprisingly easy to make ice cream by hand – without any ice cream maker thingamajigs. All the tools/materials/ingredients we used, you’d probably have some form of it in the comfort of your own kitchen.

(and if I can do this and come out of it without any disasters, you can too!)

So we were given this ice cream making guide booklet, which also has several recipes that we can try at home. But for our session, the instructor chose horlicks flavour and the ever popular chocolate flavour!

Tom's Palette Recipe Book

We started off with horlicks.

First we mixed an egg yolk with some sugar.

egg yolk and sugar

Then we heat up the milk, afterwhich we added horlicks powder to it.

At some point we added in the sugar + egg yolk mixture to the horlicks + milk mixture. And then we cooked the custard till its nice and thick..

Once the custard is cooked, pour it into a bowl and give it one last whisk. Then it’s freezer time!

horlicks ice cream custard

Moving on to chocolate!

The chocolate one started similarly to the horlicks one sans sugar so let’s skip a few steps and get on with the action!

cooking chocolate

The reason why we didn’t have to used sugar was because these cooking chocolate is already sweetened. So what we do next is to melt the chocolates into the milk.

melted chocolate

And then we added cream to the very pretty chocolate milk mixture:

And then the mixture is strained..

…before giving it a final whisk and putting it in the freezer.

chocolate ice cream custard

So while waiting for all our handmade ice creams to be fully frozen, we were given an all access pass to all the ice cream flavours that Tom’s Palette offers. Free flow of ice cream, fancy that!

tom's paletter ice cream

I tried the ever popular salted egg ice cream paired with lavender. The salted egg one is absolutely delicious and a must-try for everybody! The lavender one left both genders with no consensus – all the girls liked it and all the guys said it tasted like shower gel.

salted egg ice cream

So after a long, long wait – our ice cream is finally (almost ready).

We had to whisk the semi frozen mixture before putting it back in the freezer.

half frozen horlicks ice cream

[and then we took a lunch break, because both flavours needed time to freeze completely]

So here are our handmade chocolate and horlicks flavoured ice cream!

handmade chocolate ice cream

handmade horlicks ice cream

It was a really fun experience, great date idea for couples!

It’s $60 per person (with free flow of ice cream!). You’d need to book in advance for it.

Contact details for Tom’s Palette if you are interested in the class:

100 Beach Road
Shaw Leisure Gallery

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