Daiso DIY Felt Bear Tutorial

It's been awhile since I've done any craft work, so a quick visit to Daiso set me up for a few felt projects. As it turned out, Daiso has moved on from food felt DIY Kits to animal related ones (well, just an FYI). So I got a few animal ones, so let's start with this orange bear in cute green shorts! This Read more [...]

Pink Prada Saffiano Wallet

It's been 10 days since I got it. I guess it should be blogged about because it is kind of a personal milestone - my first branded wallet! Well it was actually a gift from someone who'd like to remain anonymous to the rest of you. Truth be told, I had wanted to get it as a present for myself (because Read more [...]

Hector and the Search for Happiness

For the longest time, I've asked for nothing more than to be happy. Life experiences have attempted to rob me off my perfect bubble of "happiness", and many a time, it did work. I've tried my best to not feel jaded and for years, all I've ever wished for was to be happy. But what does being happy Read more [...]

Wicked the Musical

As I've mentioned briefly in my previous post, I watched Wicked last weekend! I've been so excited to catch it since the announcement of the musical coming to town in November last year, and have been bugging the mister ever since. The last Broadway musical we watched was Cats way back in 2009, so it Read more [...]

Tea Time at TWG

Spent a few delightful hours at TWG last weekend for tea, desserts and awesome food. It was after watching Wicked, and it was really nice and relaxing to be just be there and enjoying good food and great company. It wasn't my first time at TWG, but it was the first time that we stayed for a really Read more [...]

Going Mediterranean at Pita Pan

In keeping up with my new year's resolution of eating healthy, I've been on a lookout for nice restaurants that are kind to the waistline and yet taste yummy. We had brunch at Pita Pan yesterday, since we were at Marina Bay Sands to catch Wicked anyway. For a restaurant that specializes in vegetarian Read more [...]

2012 Resolutions

New year, new resolutions. So for 2012, I resolve to: Keep a healthy lifestyle This will mean a healthy diet and frequent exercising. I had a staggering headstart last year to eat healthy and start running, but it wasn't a continuous and consistent effort. This year, all's that gonna change. Read more [...]

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