2012 Resolutions

New year, new resolutions. So for 2012, I resolve to:

Keep a healthy lifestyle
This will mean a healthy diet and frequent exercising. I had a staggering headstart last year to eat healthy and start running, but it wasn’t a continuous and consistent effort. This year, all’s that gonna change. FP and I gave ourselves till end of April to see some difference in our fitness levels and weight.

Be an early riser
A complete stretch because I am definitely NOT a morning person. Have you seen me on mornings after a night of little sleep? Maybe a more realistic resolution is “do not press the snooze button”!

Join a marathon
Although I may not be the fittest person around (ever), I’ve always wanted to be in a marathon of some sort. And now that running on a regular basis in on my agenda, surviving a marathon should be quite a possibility.

Rekindle my love for craft
In 2011, I hardly crafted, barely sewed – nothing creative that’s time consuming and handmade was produced. So this year, I shall bring the crafts back to life. Hello felt projects, scrapbooking and anything else that comes my way!

Don’t sweat the small stuff
This is a repeat of a resolution I made in 2010. I do not like making mistakes being the perfectionist that I am, but sometimes I do need to let things go. And most of the time, I get annoyed by a million little things that shouldn’t even affect me. I need to take a deep breathe and tell myself that whether or not I believe it, most of the time it’s only me who is bothered by such details that aren’t worth my time.

Soak in the culture
Read more, travel more, watch more theater productions, view more exhibits at museums. These are basically the things that make me happy and that I’ve always been interested in. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

So I guess that’s it for this year. Possibly the shortest list of new year resolutions by far, but its quality vs quantity right?

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