Tea Time at TWG

twg tea

Spent a few delightful hours at TWG last weekend for tea, desserts and awesome food. It was after watching Wicked, and it was really nice and relaxing to be just be there and enjoying good food and great company.

It wasn’t my first time at TWG, but it was the first time that we stayed for a really long time and indulged in quite a portion of the menu.

My favourite tea for the day was clearly the strawberry tea (but since when don’t I ever not like anything strawberry?)

Because the three of us were way too early for our dinner date with our other friends, we ordered some cakes to tide over the hunger pangs.

Chocolate Fondant TWG

This was the Chocolate Fondant. That warm chocolate cake was too decadent for words, and paired with the scoop of Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream – it was simply divine.

Normandy Apple Tart TWG

This, on the other hand, was the Normandy Apple Tart. Excellent tart indeed, that goes very well with the scoop of Singapore Breakfast Tea ice cream by the side. There seems to be some kind of spice in the ice cream. Can’t be sure if it was cinnamon or star aniseed. But it was quite the flavour.

Later on, we ordered the Bolognaise lagsane to share. Totally forgot to snap a photo though.

When all of the dinner party arrived, we started ordering our main courses and here are some of the stuff we had (with the exception of my Smoked Scottish Salmon because sometimes some dishes are not photogenic):

Wagyu Burger

Wagyu Burger TWG

Foie Gras Terrine

TWG Foie Gras

Lamb Stew

Lamb Stew TWG

To end it, I had a scoop of Chocolate Earl Grey ice cream:

TWG Chocolate Earl Grey Ice Cream

Pretty great way to end a pleasant evening, don’t you think?

Just wanted to share my current favourite ring, a faux gold bird ring, and my best buy of the weekend, a replica magnet of Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night. I love it to bits!

starry starry night

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