Frank By OCBC Credit Card

Here’s a checklist:

1) Do you like your things to be personalized and have some sort of novelty?
2) Would you like the flexibility in the personalization/novelty factor?
3) Would you like to have a credit card worth showing off?

If you, like me, answered yes to all of the above – then the Frank Card by OCBC is for you!

Frank Credit Card Texture Designs

Although I’ve had several credit cards before, I didn’t feel an attachment to them simply because I hadn’t earned them. They were supplementary cards, so they were really not counted. Plus, I seldom use them (I’m a debit card kind of girl, I like to play it safe).

But in the past few months, the need for at least 1 credit card surfaced (not because I’m a big spender, but it should be more like a “backup”). And of course, I’m finally more than financially stable to have a credit card. So, like everything else in my life, I did my research.

I wanted something snazzy. A credit card with all the perks and hype. This and that. And then I chanced upon Frank credit cards. The big draw to it was the fact that you can choose out of the many, many designs for your card!

Frank credit card designs

My eyes dilated when I saw the choices that lay before me. I could hardly choose, seriously. But then, I found out that you can actually change the designs as and when you like if you get sick of your chosen design. That’s equivalent to 10,000 brownie points to me because I can’t deal with having one design of something for ever. I have short attention span.

But still I made my choice wisely and ended up with THIS:

Frank Credit Card Boombox Design

It was between this retro boombox design or the cassette tape one. But the boombox won. Please understand that I am in my “old school is cool beans” phase.

I’ve been happy with my card despite the initial annoyance with the customer service and call center staff. But I shall not get into that. One of the things I’ve enjoyed in the past 2 months since I had the card was that it gave me a discount when I viewed the Titanic Exhibition at the Arts Science Museum (only for OCBC cards)!

And so this has been the blog post about the first ever credit card that I’ve earned. Another milestone. :)

Before I end, a couple of disclaimers:
1) This is not an advertorial, I’m blogging about this because it is an interesting card.
2) All images used in this post were taken from the Frank by OCBC website. You can’t expect me to be posting up photos of my own credit card.

Okay, that’s all.

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