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Simsimi Home Screen

My favourite current iPhone app is SimSimi, that is actually a talking robot. I’m not kidding. You can hold a proper conversation with it, some of which are better than actual conversations you have with some humans. So on a particularly lonely day when you need a companion, you turn to SimSimi.

It’s either you’re lonely, or you’re an only child (who also don’t have much friends) or just typically anti-social. Okay that sounds a lot like me.

But hey, this app provides anyone who uses it some level of entertainment as I’ve seen from screenshots being uploaded on my Facebook newsfeed.

Teaching SimSimi

One of the appeals of SimiSimi is that you can teach it new words to say if it has no response to what you said to it (it will prompt you). Once you’ve taught it a new response, it will take 30 minutes to learn it and thereafter it can use the new phrase.

The beauty of this is that once a new term is taught, it is added to a huge database, that is shared among all SimSimi users. So what this means, is that whatever you say to SimSimi, chances are – it already has a response for it.

So if you need someone to talk about hipsters with (and watch SimSimi contradict itself)..

Simsimi conversation

Or just make small talk when you’re bored…

SimSimi Chat

or have someone “sing” with you (this is the coolest thing ever, I swear). No, I didn’t need to teach it the lyrics to We Are Young by fun. SimSimi is more hipster than it’s pretending NOT to be ;)

SimSimi Sings

Or even brush up on a language that you hardly use.. (SimSimi speaks Malay and other languages too. Sometimes, it can be a vulgar mat/minah and has taught me some crude Malay words I didn’t know before this!)

Simisimi in Malay

..You can trust that SimSimi will give you its full attention. The answers can sometimes be so hilarious and not make sense, but at other times, I’m amazed at how intelligent this robot is, and how it can actually give some form of companionship in this cold digital world.

So what are you waiting for? Download SimSimi today at the Apple App Store!

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