Ayam Brand Tunamagik

So I gave in to my PMS cravings that got totally influenced by the Ayam Brand tunamagik commercial I’ve seen in cinemas.

Ayam Brand Tunamagik

I also did it just to curb the ridiculous craving, seriously. So I bought two cans (because it’s going at $3.45 for 2 at NTUC). They just had these two flavours so I picked one each – not too sure if there are actually more flavours.

There are instructions on the can, but come on – it’s as simple as pouring the entire contents of the can to a plate of hot rice and mixing it all together!

Ayam brand tunamagik instructions

2 bowls of rice they say? I can hardly finish a normal portion of rice on most days! Anyway, I decided to go with the sambal one because when there’s a choice, always go for the spicy one.

Tunamagik sambal

And then I poured the contents on white rice (no brainer really).

tunamagik with rice

And then I mixed it all up.

Tunamagik Fried Rice

And there you have it – instant fried rice! I wish I had cucumber and tomato slices to go with it, but I only realized we’ve run out of all vegetables after I’m done mixing it.

My verdict?
It’s not that bad, but it’s not fantastic either. First of all, it was not spicy at all. I don’t think it’s my high level of expectation for spicy food. There’s just no sambal taste to it. I could only finish half the portion because after awhile, it just overwhelms – which is why I said it’s better to have cucumbers or tomatoes or even eggs to complement the taste. Maybe next time I’ll try harder at making it palatable at least.


  • Sha on Apr 21, 2012

    LOL 3 rainbows! Maybe 2.5. Just have some side dishes to go along with it!

  • nena on Apr 21, 2012

    mana itu rainbow rating hahahahah i still havent tried it

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