Daiso Felt Bear Tissue Case Tutorial

Daiso Felt Tissue Case Kit

Three weeks ago, I started on this really cute felt tissue case kit, which I got from – you know it – Daiso. It is actually a double sided tissue cover. Front end has a yellow female bear, while at the back is a brown male bear wearing a bow tie. Very cute!

While it is not difficult to make, I was just short on time – so I only finished it 2 days back. Let’s get to what’s inside the DIY kit!

Felt Tissue Case Kit materials

As you can see, the main shape of the bears have already been pre-cut for you. As for the rest of the parts, there’s plenty of felt provided to cut out other necessary shapes.

parts of felt tissue cover

They’ve provided patterns to cut the felt with. I’m using the Japanese version (there’s also an English version on the flip side) for photography purposes:

felt tissue kit pattern

Remember that we are creating two bears, and each bear has 2 ears, 2 eyes and one nose. So after doing the cutting, you’ll end up with these pieces:

cut out felt pieces

The instructions for this kit comes on 2 languages – English and Japanese. Once again, for the purposes of the next photo I’m using the Japanese side because it’s in colour.

Felt tissue case instructions

So what you do first is sew on the ears of the brown bear, and then on his mouth area, cross-stitch a yellow nose on it and stitch a bear-smile.

felt bear tissue case

After which, you blanket stitch the yellow mouth area to the brown bear’s head.

felt bear tissue case

This is pretty ugly because while I know how to do a proper blanket stitch (you will see in the next few photos), I only know how to do it on the edges of material – not in the middle of a cloth. So this took a pretty long time, but nothing’s perfect. This is after all, a learning blog – not an expert blog.

What you do next is create the yellow bow for the bear. Did not take a photo of this but here’s a snapshot of the instructions. I think this is just the cutest part of the kit. Making your own bow – fancy that! :)

Cross stitch the eyes and there you have it – the end result for the brown bear!

brown felt bear

Moving on to the yellow bear. Basically, it’s repeating the same thing for the eyes, nose and bow (bow is now on the right ear as she’s a girl).

yellow felt bear

the only difference is that you only blanket stitch the top part of the mouth area (this will create a flap), and just before you stitch on the brown mouth area to the yellow felt, make a slit somewhere in the middle (this is for the tissue to go through later) Again, I’ve forgotten to take a photo of this step (hard to see a small slot in a yellow felt anyway), so to visualize, here’s a screen grab:

felt bear instructions slit

Ok last step!!! Blanket stitch the two bear heads together! (I love my blanket stitching for this one)

blanket stitch

One thing to note, blanket stitch the entire parameter of the bears’ outline but leave a gap (of about 7 cm) at the bottom of it. This is so that you can slip a tissue packet through:

yellow felt bear tissue case

End result:

finished felt tissue case

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will try this out in many other possible variations!

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