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If you like to doodle (and think you can doodle), have many friends in Facebook and have a lot of time to spare, then Draw Something is the app for you!

Draw Something

The reason why I said that it’ll be good if you have many friends in Facebook is because the game detects users in Facebook who are already playing the game! Otherwise, you’d have to insert someone’s username to play with them (if you’re not my friend in Facebook, my userid is shanobyl)

draw something main menu

Once you have picked a friend to play with, you will come to this screen where you can choose what you’d like to draw. The reward in gold is based on difficulty.

draw something doodle choice

I chose to draw a heart (because I can’t draw patriots and I don’t know how Tupac looks like)

draw something heart drawing

I’m not exactly the best doodler. So once you’re done drawing, you submit it and wait for your friend to guess

draw something correct

And if they guessed it correctly, you both get the reward!

draw something coins

And then your friend will draw something for you. This will create a streak until someone fails to answer correctly.

draw something streak

As you can see in the photo where I was drawing the heart, there are only basic colours by default. But don’t fret, earn enough coins and you can buy more colours! I’m having so much fun with the Spring package.

draw something more colours

Anyway, here are some of my doodles that are some of my favourites (and that my friends have guessed correctly). Of course these are some of my better ones. I was told my MOOSE drawing looks like a mouse with a funny hairdo! :(

draw something screengrab

draw something examples

You can download two versions of Draw Something: Free Version and Paid Version (99 cents, and no ads) Enjoy!

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