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The Gist of It
Set in 1868, John Carter tells the story of a young man who accidentally gets teleported by a medallion he found in a cave. Teleported not just to another place, but to another planet. Yes, he found himself on planet Mars (known to natives as Barsoom) – which is contrary to popular belief has livable conditions for humans. John quickly discovered that he’s a lot lighter on Mars, and soon found himself leaping high into the air to get from point A to point B.

His jumping stunts caught the eye of giant 4-armed martians and he’s quickly captured.

Of course in any Disney flick, there’s always a princess. But the princess in John Carter is tough, brave and smart. She doesn’t really need a knight in shining armour to protect her. Which is why she’s running away from an impending marriage to the king of a rival tribe.

Predictably, the hero of the moment bumps into princess tough cookie and together they found love. But that’s not the end of the story, as the princess was still forced into marriage with the rival king. Will John be able to stop the marriage in time?

Watch the John Carter trailer:

My thoughts on the Movie
Truth be told, I didn’t even watch the trailer before I watched the movie. But what I did watch was a 10 minute snippet online that LiveForFilms posted:

I didn’t really like what I watched in that 10 minutes, but decided to watch it on the big screen anyway since the boyfriend was so looking forward to it.

So I sat in the theater with no expectations of ever liking the movie. But, I did. It being set in the late 1800s was a plus point. Another plus point was the fantasy feel to it – so many interesting creatures and mythological themes in the movie. And last but not least – John Carter himself. You’d discover that he’s quite the smart guy. Lips are sealed, you need to watch the movie on your own. Smartness aside, I being a superficial female, just have to say that John Carter (of Earth or Mars or whathaveyou) is quite the looker. In fact, he got hotter as the movie progressed (at first he didn’t appeal to me – which is why the ten minute snippet didn’t win me over as a fan). But yes ladies, do watch this – if only for John ;) .

Actually this movie would be an unexpected great date movie. The guys will dig the action and monsters, while the girls need nothing more than John Carter to be glued to the screen.

My rating for this movie?

4 rainbows. 1 point loss because the movie is a tad too long. There’s only so much hotness one can handle.

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