Macbook Air Mirror

Hey Spongebob, what do you have there? Oh wow, that’s a pretty cool box. This came in the mail today?

Macbook Air Mirror Box

Let’s open it!

Macbook Air Mirror

Is that your “OMG OMG OMG” face? Well you’ve always wanted your very own Macbook Air haven’t you (considering how you’re always hogging mine, watching episodes of your own show..)

I HAVE PROOF, don’t you dare deny it.

spongebob squarepants

Oh cool, your Macbook Air is just like mine – with all the slots included.

macbook air mirror usb slots

mini macbook air

Do you like it Spongebob? Look, it’s even a mirror! Oh but you’ve discovered them all by yourself. Clever boy!

macbook air pocket mirror

So do you want to get ice cream and go jelly fishing after this Spongebob?

spongebob macbook air

Spongebob? (he’s not blinking)

spongebob figurine


Looks like he’s already sold his soul to his Macbook Air, just like.. err.. someone I know.

Well if you want to get your very own Macbook Air mirror, I got mine at this Gmarket shop. They also sell miniature ipad mirrors. Go on, give your toys their very own swanky gadget!

You know you want to.

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