Camera Cupcakes by The Cake Galleria

camera themed cupcakes

So this year, I finally got a positive reply from a baker who does cupcake customization to create camera themed cupcakes for the boyfriend’s birthday. I ordered from The Cake Galleria, and let me tell you a story about how awesome their service is.

I ordered the cupcakes a full month before the actual day, and Grace (contact person for The Cake Galleria), was really helpful in the order process. She was always in contact with me from the initial enquiry stage to the actual order to payment process and finally a gentle reminder for me to collect the cupcakes a day before.

photograhy cupcakes

And when I didn’t reply her reminder SMS for collection (because my phone was on silent), she messaged me again to ensure I got the message – which itself was already really excellent service. So I was really hyped up about the cupcakes by then, ready to collect them at 10 am today (technically yesterday).

So it was a complete surprise when I got a call from Grace at 9 am, asking me if I can collect the cupcakes late afternoon. I was puzzled because we’ve always set the collection time between 10 – 10.30 am. Then she told me that someone just accidentally dropped the entire box of cupcakes and they have to re-do them from scratch.

canon lens cupcake

She apologized profusely, and then apologized again several times over SMS. Even though it meant a sudden turn around of the plans I had for the day, I told her it was okay as these things happen (they do!) and that I’ll get a friend to help me pick it up in the evening.

camera equipment cupcakes

She thanked me for understanding. I was just appreciative that they were gonna re-do the entire dozen of cupcakes from scratch at such late notice. Seriously, it was huge as she told me during the order process that my request takes a longer time to complete than normal orders.

The camera equipment were as detailed as you can imagine them to be. The boy couldn’t have been more pleased. I know the fondant looks like it hasn’t fully dried (because it is supposed to be smooth and matte), but I’m not complaining. They did their best, and I am so thankful for that.

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