Dinner at Wild Honey @ Scott’s Square

Edit: We went there for dinner again tonight! Hahaha :) This time, we tried pancakes and waffles and more adventurous drinks!

This was my Caribbean Breakfast:

caribbean style waffles

I really liked the pretty presentation. And did you know that inside the waffles were passionfruit cream, and instead of the typical maple syrup, this dish came with a passionfruit syrup! Yummy!

It’s just that because this wasn’t a savoury dish, I didn’t feel like it was dinner I was having, even now – 3 hours later.

And this was my drink: Mandarin Wilderness – an ice blended mix of raspberry, banana, mandarin and honey at Wild Honey. Looks like a berry drink, tasted like bananas.

berry smoothie

This time round, BF also chose a typical breafast dish: Canadian pancakes!

Canadian pancakes

Best pancakes ever according to him, though he said he’d probably need something meaty.

And his drink was this interesting milkshake which tasted so good. No idea what was in it tho!

milkshake drink

We’re already planning on what we’d like to try next at this restaurant (though it may be a long while before our next trip here!)

Read below for the original blog post of our first visit there!


Wild Honey signage

A bunch of us headed down to Wild Honey at Scott’s Square for dinner last night to try out their all-day breakfast menu!

It was a strange sensation having breakfast for dinner. Just look at the huge variety of international breakfast cuisines! We took awhile to decide what each of us wanted.

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