Mirror Mirror Movie Review

Snow White and the seven dwarves

Gist of it

It’s basically a fresher version of the well-known fairy tale – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This time, the evil queen is the narrator and the story is sort of told from her perspective. And she’s hilarious and sarcastic in her narrative. To quote her:

“Blah blah blah, her hair is not black, it’s raven and she’s 18 years old — and her skin has never seen the sun, so of course it’s good.”

Julia Roberts was brilliant as the evil queen, who is facing a financial crisis and extorting money from the villagers to hold extravagant parties, while keeping Snow White cooped up in her room.

Evil Queen and snow white

Of course, just like in the fairy tale, Snow White pissed the Queen off and was sent to the forest to die. But the huntsman didn’t have the heart to do it and left Snow in the forest all by herself. And then you know how it goes, she bumps into the 7 dwarves. (You should all know this, come on)

Mirror Mirror Seven Dwarves

Then there was of course the handsome prince, like in every decent fairy tale. Nothing more should be said about the handsome prince.

mirror mirror prince

And they lived happily ever after (not really a spoiler now is it?)

What I thought of it

If there’s one thing you should know about me is that I love fairy tales, and I believe in them as naive as that may sound. Some of my favourite fairy tale movies include Enchanted and Entangled (Rapunzel) and Mirror Mirror breaks the mould and have joined those two movies in my Fairy Tale Movies Hall of Fame.

Here’s why:

Snow White is gorgeous. In fact she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. The more I look at her, the prettier she gets.

Snow White Audrey Hepburn

As much as I feel that Julia Roberts played her role most excellently as a sarcastic and insecure evil queen, I feel that the persons who stole the show were the dwarves. They were incredibly funny and makes you laugh out loud.

snow and dwarves

The costumes were amazing, and beyond imaginative. Seriously, I was blown away.

mirror mirror dance scene

Mirror Mirror wedding guests

If you’re planning to watch this movie, do not expect the normal fairy tale movie. Expect imagination, expect magic, expect to laugh and of course expect to be awed by it all.

Guys, if you’re hesitant to watch it with your girlfriend, don’t. It’s not exactly a girly movie – you’ll enjoy it much trust me. In fact, you’ll be laughing more than your girlfriend does.

Absolutely loved it, so I’m giving it.. 5 rainbows! (well fancy that!)

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