Nike Goddess Run 2012

Edit: So the Nike Running Singapore Facebook page has uploaded all the individual and BFF timings. To get your and your BFF run times click here! Good luck!

This is mine:

Nike Goddess Run Timing

We aimed to complete it within an hour and we actually finished the run in less than an hour! We were also hoping we wont be ranked 4500th out of 5000 girls, but hey look at us, we are ranked 1532nd and 1533rd respectively! /everything went better than expected/ *thumbs up*


nike goddess run start pen sign

So last Saturday was the Nike Goddess Run that we’ve all been waiting for. The fact that I’m right here typing out this blog post is proof that I did make it out of the run in one piece (albeit the super aching leg muscles)!

emz and sha with board of names

It was a first organized run for both myself and my work bff Emz. So this was us doing our warm up. We look like we are fit and know what we were doing. Truth is, we were barely prepared for it (I didn’t even go for even ONE re-run), but somehow we managed to pull through the 5 km.

sha and emz warming up

By this time, we were getting jittery. We were like, “why are we doing this?” and “can we go home?”. So to calm ourselves down, we did what girls do best. We camwhored.

nike goddess runners tshirt back view

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