Sundown Marathon Registration 2012

I think I’m turning into a running/fitness wannabe.

sundown marathon 2012

Why? Because after barely surviving the Nike Goddess Run (which went better than expected in spite of NO training) which was over a distance of 5km, I have taken up the most natural next challenge: a 10 km run – which I really have to train up for because I’ve never run that far before in my life.

Sometimes I think I have a death wish.

But anyway, if you are like me (running diva wannabe who is dipping your toes into organized runs), or you are already a seasoned runner, one of those who can run 42 km like its nothing – and you’d like to join the Sundown Marathon, here’s where you can sign up for it.

sundown marathon registration methods

Before you can start the registration, you’d need a Hivelocity (the organizer) account, which you can easily and instantly create by submitting a username and password:

sundown marathon 2012 hivelocity account

You can either sign up as an individual or as a group, and I registered as an individual and these are the categories. Obviously I opted for 10km-Women (I’m not crazy enough to opt for a longer distance than that. Still not a single ounce of idea if I’ll even make it through 10km in one piece)

sundown marathon 2012 individual categories

I don’t understand why the further you choose to run, the more you have to pay, lol.

So you’d have to fill up basic info (as usual):

Sundown marathon 2012 registration form

What I found really appealing is the fact that I can customize my name on the bib. Of course I went for “shanobyl”, hehehe :) (I’m the queen of all things novel and ultimate cheap thrills).

sundown marathon customized bib

And for those of you who believe in lucky numbers (and also believe in giving back to charity), you can purchase a bib with a number you desire. This costs an additional $50 and as much as I’d like a 0009 on my bib, I’m not gonna spend that amount on it.

sundown marathon bib number

You can also choose if you’d like an e-certificate or a hardcopy one to be mailed to you (go green, save the earth friends).

Sundown Marathon special items

To wrap up, the main details of the marathon are:

Date: 26/27 May 2012 (depends on the distance you’re running)
Time: 930pm onwards
Venue: Open field, beside Nicoll Highway MRT Station

I have about 1 and a half months to prepare for this, yikes!

For more info on race details, head on down to the Sundown Marathon 2012 official page, where you can find really useful stuff for the race.

Also do check out the Sundown Marathon Facebook Page, where they have running tips, event updates and giveaways/contests!

Sundown marathon 2012 race details

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