Russell Peters LIVE in Singapore

We caught the Russell Peters Notorious 2012 World Tour two days back at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It was our first stand-up comedy session, and boy was it a riot!

Russell Peters set

Good thing they extended the show for one more day, because I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

We were there very early, seated past 7 pm, when the show was due to start at 8. And as usual, the show didn’t start till 830 pm.

Notorious Tour Tickets

We got the cheapest tickets for once, because FP didn’t want to sit anywhere near the stage for fear of getting picked on. Someone has watched way too many Russell Peters videos, lol. So we sat pretty far away from the stage.

Which wasn’t too bad. We still laughed non-stop for 2 hours. Laughed our guts out to be exact. It was too hilarious!

It opened with Joey Medina, a comedian friend of Russell’s. It was the perfect appetizer to the main course as Joey covered current affairs in Singapore (oh you know, just the case of the 48 men and a certain underaged girl), travel anecdotes and sexual experiences.

Which already had us in stitches!

And then the main man came on..

russell peters poster

And it was complete chaos from then on. He spoke of his travels and the people he meet, accents he learned, his dad (YOU BASTARD!), dating/sexual experiences (the bollywood actress dating story brought the house down) and embracing fatherhood (he was right there when his daughter was born, LOL).

Of course people in the audience got picked on, an Indian (from India) couple and an Aussie family, but more so on the Indian couple. He picked on them from start to end, which was freaking funny (as long as it isn’t you hahahahaha). Also, it is funny because it is all true.

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening. I like how there’s always a personal side to his stories, be it good or bad. It gives it a real feel to it. It was a great first experience at a stand up comedy gig, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed like that for 2 full hours!

Till the next ‘live’ show (no idea what, but will keep a lookout!)

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  • Devi on May 15, 2012

    I was there as well…laughed every single second. Was my first show as well !!!!! Absolutely amazing :) A gazillion thumbs up and yes…as long as it isn’t you – it’s freaking farnie when someone gets picked on *lolz*…

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