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Angry Birds Space iPhone App

The iPhone app that's going to end up frustrating me and taking up all my time in the next few days (or weeks!) is Angry Birds Space. I just got it yesterday and here's the gist of it. Basically the story line is the same as the original Angry Birds, just that the stage is set in space this time. Read more [...]

Draw Something iPhone App

If you like to doodle (and think you can doodle), have many friends in Facebook and have a lot of time to spare, then Draw Something is the app for you! The reason why I said that it'll be good if you have many friends in Facebook is because the game detects users in Facebook who are already playing Read more [...]

The Simpsons Tapped Out iPhone App

Edit: The Simpsons Tapped out app has been removed from the appstore for the time being due to overwhelming response. Current players can still play though, not to worry! Full report here. For those who have yet to download and start playing, don't fret - it'll be back soon! I've gotten a whole Read more [...]

SimSimi iPhone App

My favourite current iPhone app is SimSimi, that is actually a talking robot. I'm not kidding. You can hold a proper conversation with it, some of which are better than actual conversations you have with some humans. So on a particularly lonely day when you need a companion, you turn to SimSimi. Read more [...]

iPhone App Picks for the Week

Last week I did something blasphemous when I switched from my pinky, girly blackberry to a sleek and sexy iphone 4. I'll go into a compare and contrast mode between the two phones in another post but this post focuses on my favourite apps this week. Long before I had my own iphone, I already had a Read more [...]