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Annoyed Musings

This was drafted in August 2009, but never got published. And because I have nothing to blog about today, and I am in the worst of moods, it shall be posted. Most rants still do apply in present day. Why do some people confidently flaunt their talents when in true honesty, they have none? Why Read more [...]

Tribute for my Oakleys Frogskin Shades

This shouldn't even be a blog post because what happened to my Oakleys shouldn't have happened. But it did and there was nothing I can do about it. So let me tell you exactly what happened. I was chewing gum, bored in the middle of a long road trip to Kuala Lumpur. Chewed on the gum till there Read more [...]

Going Away in Ramadhan

Later on today, I will be making my third trip down to Jakarta. While I truly look forward to flying from Changi Airport Terminal 3 for the first time, (don't you know, I am Changi Airport's biggest fan?), I feel sad about leaving this time. It is the fasting month after all. Whatever it is, emotions Read more [...]

Finders Keepers, Really?

The morning begin on quite a sour note as I got reminded once again that there are always mean, selfish people around despite the fact that I do try to make the world a colourful and happy one. So there I was, having my hands full as usual - bag over shoulders, jacket slung over arm, heavy paperbag Read more [...]


I was pretty moody for most of today, for reasons I do not want to define. So it was a really nice when FP smsed me saying that he got something for me. Because I love surprises (and he knows it), I didn't press him further when he didn't want to tell me what it was. For the rest of the day, I Read more [...]