The Ramadhan Trend in 2010

It seems to me that it is a trend this fasting month to illustrate the Dos and Don'ts for the month using the signage concept. Just this morning alone, I came across 3 different posters using signs to indicate what's right and wrong for the month. Well this one simply tells us that during Read more [...]

Lozenges: to be sucked slowly when necessary

Seriously, why is there an innuendo on the packaging of my prescribed lozenges from the doctor? *giggles* So yes, today is the first day of Ramadhan and here's what I did (or didn't do technically): 1. Woke up for sahur despite the worsening sore throat. The sore throat started last night and it Read more [...]

Ramadhan is here again

Time really flies.Tomorrow we start the month of Ramadhan in the Hijrah year 1431. A whole month of fasting, goodwill and good thoughts. Last year, I barely fasted the entire month. I had the worst stomach flu for 2 weeks, which ended with a trip to the A & E. And I had my period during the first Read more [...]

Going Away in Ramadhan

Later on today, I will be making my third trip down to Jakarta. While I truly look forward to flying from Changi Airport Terminal 3 for the first time, (don't you know, I am Changi Airport's biggest fan?), I feel sad about leaving this time. It is the fasting month after all. Whatever it is, emotions Read more [...]

Air Kathirah + Chendol = New Drink?

One of the things I look forward to during each fasting month is Air Kathirah. To drink it when breaking fast is like pure heaven. Not only is it sweet, but it is also thirst quenching after such a long day. For the uninitiated, air kathirah is a like a milk beverage that is sweet and yummy. There Read more [...]

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