52 Weeks of Her – Week 14

This was taken sometime back (on Halloween last year actually, way long overdue!). It was pretty impromptu this shoot. I came over with a bar of really good dark chocolate for personal indulgence and he took the chance to utilize it into a photo. He made me munch on the dark chocolate so that Read more [...]

52 Weeks of Her – Weeks 11, 12 & 13

Once again, it's been a while since I've updated on this project. It's not because we haven't been taking photos, it's just that I have been procrastinating - which I should really stop doing when it comes to updating this site. So let's get on to these 3 awesome photos! Week 11 Click to view this Read more [...]

Nerdy Silly Chic

Had a random photoshoot today, despite me not being in the mood for smiles the entire day. Personally I think this photo does not look like me at all, I have no idea why. Maybe it's just me. It's like my face looks a little too long and that I look almost Japanese. If you think it's the glasses Read more [...]

52 Weeks of Her – Weeks 9 & 10

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted anything on this project. Well we are back from the long hiatus and there's some changes. For starters, it's now 52 Weeks of Her instead of 50 Weeks of Her (making it rounded to one year sounds better) and FP has gotten himself some awesome new equipment. What Read more [...]

A Peek into Food Photography

I've always loved food photography. I believe an appealing photo of a dish is not easily attained, but I do try anyway every time I dine out - with my humble point-and-shoot camera. Nothing professional of course, but I try to capture the very essence of the colour and presentation of the dishes. Now Read more [...]

A simple moment in time

I love this photo. It was taken during an impromptu photoshoot that was set up in the back seat of a car. It was a long drive so while I found myself in a relaxed pose equipped with a book, FP decided to set up his equipment right at the backseat and he just kept snapping photos. I didn't even Read more [...]

50 Weeks of Her – Week 8

This was done almost a month ago, but I only have time to talk about it now. Sigh Sigh. If you had noticed, I haven't been posting anything on the project for quite some time. This is because FP and I are taking a break from the project - due to other timely commitments. Also, right in the middle Read more [...]

50 Weeks of Her – Week 7

For Week 7's photoshoot, we went to an abandoned railway track. We had a hard time searching for this location but once we had settled down, things went pretty smoothly. I was awed to be at this abandoned railway. the tracks were still there. Metal and wood. Part of it covered by grass. I was standing Read more [...]

50 Weeks of Her – Week 6

I've mentioned in the previous post that in April, we lost 2 weeks of 50 Weeks of Her due to some unforeseen circumstances. So yesterday, FP and I had a wonderful time catching up to Week 6 and Week 7. So let's cover Week 6 first shall we? There's no out takes for Week 6. Besides, the photo speaks Read more [...]

Urban Acid

Here's a photo that isn't part of the 50 Weeks of Her series (but seriously should have been!) Click to enlarge image This should have been Week 5's photo, but FP discovered this photo amongst all the out takes much later. Apparently, the effect in this photo is called Urban Acid (Don't look at Read more [...]

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